Everyone agrees that we need to recycle. The problem is in most organizations this is not a simple task. Separate dumpsters must be used for paper, plastic, cans etc.

Republic Services can offer your organization
a single stream recycling program.
recycling centerautomatic sorting for recyclingcompact recycling saves the earth

We are able to provide a Comprehensive Recycling Program for our customers that can reduce their disposal cost without the hassle of having to separate material. With access to the largest recycling separator in the state, Republic Services customers can place all of their material in one dumpster. This eliminates the task of our customer’s company man hours used to separate and dispose of material. You can now Go Green with us with almost no effort.

ABC Permits

Alcohol Beverage Permits require all recyclable beverage dumpsters be stored and recycled. Republic Services can provide one dumpster for all of your recyclables, eliminating the space constraints of separate dumpsters. Once recycled materials are removed from your regular waste stream the remaining waste is minimized and could allow for downsizing of dumpsters.


Republic Services can provide slotted 8 yard dumpsters for your Cardbaord and Paper. We are able to recycle approximately 95% of all office waste. In an industrial application we can provide a Closed Top Container or Compactors.


Many companies generate large volumes of scrap metal. Republic Services can provide you a dumpster for your material. We will haul it to a buyer and pay you the top rate available.

front load dumpsters Front-Load Dumpsters

Front-load dumpsters range in size from 4 to 8 yards


roll off dumpsters Roll-Off Dumpsters

Temporary and permanent roll-off dumpsters from 20 to 30 yards